Saturday, 3 January 2015

DVD: found. (dir: Scott Schirmer, 2012)

"I'm going to get into trouble for this."

Following notorious censorship tussles (especially in Australia), found. finally gets a slightly trimmed UK release.  Telling the tale of a young boy who discovers that his protective older brother is a serial killer, the film goes to some very dark and unpleasant places, conveyed in a disconcertingly calm, controlled and matter-of-fact style.  A number of themes are raised, including breakdown of nuclear family and the influence of (horror) media, in such a way as to make this film both challenging and effectively uncompromising.  In spite of its limited budget it does not stint on gore effects, and whilst there is some unevenness in acting, there are plenty of powerful scenes and ideas on display to make found. more than just another micro-budget horror.

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